In memory of our great Joseph Stevie Woods

To a Father, a Teacher, my Brother, my Friend
(Stevie Woods, July 2, 1951 – January 28, 2014)

Stevie Woods with Magic Platters

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I am not sad that you left me behind, more than that I am happy that you gave me the honor to travel along with you this last 20 years. We ate, drank, laughed and cried together. You treated me like a child when I deserved it, you concluded me like a man when you needed the gift that God gave me. You have coached me like a teammate - but most of all, when the whole world was against me, you made me see how gifted I am. You believed in me. In my eyes you are not only a legend but also a mentor for many others and me. You taught me everything I needed to know; to have walked beside you is an honor that only the best can be thankful for. You were one of the greatest musicians I have ever learned and become to know. The world and we will never forget you, and I promise you I will carry on the duties of the 32-degree in which we will forever be bond.
I love you more than one can ever imagine.

And very last,
- Thank You -
for the great lights. See you when I get there.

Stevie Woods